Content Distribution

We’ve all heard the common refrain that “Content is King!” However true that may be, efficiently distributing that content to multiple locations creates a multitude of challenges!

If you’re managing a multi-site business, association or franchise, every day you have to deal with a variety of challenging questions. For example:

  • How do I distribute my approved corporate content to all my locations?
  • How do I ensure that content shows up on their site when required?
  • How do I provide content that my locations may optionally include in their site?
  • How do I make sure that content is only distributed and displayed in certain timeframes?
  • How do I make sure content updates or changes are only in the hands of the chosen few?

In short…how the heck do I get content to my sites, exactly when, how and where I want it?

Content creation is hard. Great content creation is not only hard, but often expensive!

On the flip side, great content can also provide bottom-line benefits by reaching your customers with the right information and the right time.

So, make sure you’re leveraging your investment in great content. If content is king, then your multi-location business demands that you are king of your content.

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