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Established in 1993 USA & Canada Customer since January 2014

Headquartered in Texas, Sport Clips Inc. is a national sports-themed hair care franchise for men and boys. One of the fastest-growing franchise networks, Sport Clips has more than 1,800 stores across the U.S. and Canada. It is ranked by Entrepreneur as one of the Top 10 “Fastest-Growing Franchises” and ranks 36th in the “Franchise 500.” It is also ranked by Forbes as a “Top Ten Best Franchise” to buy.

Seeking a way to efficiently manage and distribute large amounts of content in various media formats, Sport Clips needed a central point for franchisees to easily access critical information.

Sport Clips needed a solution to be intuitive and organized while ensuring Sport Clips franchisees the latest version of business documents and resources.


The Primero Solution

Sport Clips’ new ‘Huddle’ site – an Intranet portal for corporate and franchisees powered by Webtreepro – allowed the company to intelligently and systematically organize documents, ensuring that only the most up-to-date content was available. It also brought a personalized user experience to Sport Clips, wherein information presented to the user is customized based on their role within the company. An integrated search function that enables keyword searches has been an invaluable tool for Sport Clips. In addition to making information quick and easy to locate, Sport Clips can now publish and set expiration dates on content – and receive an alert when a document is approaching expiration.


  • SaaS architecture provides full CMS via the cloud, no need to invest in hardware and software.
  • Role-based user experience presents users with customized information based on their role within the company.
  • Intuitive, simple content management puts control in the hands of the corporate team – no specialized IT training is necessary.
  • Digital asset management enables up-to-date information to be quickly found by both franchisee and corporate users.


Time for a New Approach to Managing Content

Sport Clips produces a large quantity of content (more than 7,000 documents) spanning across all departments that require managing and updating. Sport Clips makes all of this content available to franchisees via web-based repositories, and it is essential that the information is accurate and easily accessible.

Franchisees demand the ability to log in, view content that is specific to their job requirements, and get right back to executing their business objectives. Due to its rapid growth, Sport Clips found that its previous method of content management couldn’t keep up. The number of new tools and documents made task of managing content overwhelming, time-consuming and difficult.

Quick Access to Quality Information

With Webtreepro, Sport Clips franchisees are visiting 10% fewer pages – and spending 12% less time to obtain the information and materials needed to make their franchise a success. Additionally, overall participation is up: Sport clips now has 41% more users accessing the Intranet portal to support their operations. The Huddle’s intuititve, easy-to-use interface enables the Sport Clips Huddle team to be managed by the corporate team – no specialized IT training necessary.


In our customer’s eyes

“We are very pleased with the rate of adoption among our store managers. Quick access to documents and resources helps them work more efficiently, which gives them more time to serve more clients. Webtreepro gives them the latest versions of all the materials needed to run their stores.”

-Sandy Craven, Director of Training

Branded for Success

Sport Clips’ new Huddle reflects the sharp, modern design aesthetic of the company’s retail stores. Primero collaborated with Sport Clips to design the platform with this in mind – the look and feel and navigation are tailored to match what users have come to expect from the Sport Clips brand.

The new site’s attractive design and ease-of-use play a role in the high adoption rates and positive overall user experience that Sport Clips franchisees are reporting.

Sport Clips - Branded for Success


Partnering for Results

All told, Webtreepro has enabled Sport Clips to be more organized, consistent, efficient and effective as an organization. The extremely flexible nature of the Webtreepro platform allows it to keep up with the fast pace of Sport Clips as they continue to grow as a business.

The strong emphasis that Primero places on partnership was evident throughout Sport Clips’ selection and implementation of Webtreepro.

Sport Clips points to Primero’s consultative approach and the effective, two-way communications between both parties as being instrumental to the success of the implementation. The entire process went very smoothly and quickly – with no hiccup at all.

Rapid growth is the sign of a successful franchise – and Primero’s Intranet solutions are there for support every step of the way.


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