Major Travel Franchise Counts on Webtreepro to Deliver Seamless Web Experience

Webtreepro Fuels Marketing Initiatives, Connects Travel Agents to Customers

"It’s a turnkey solution that brings us scalability and reusability within our own infrastructure, and this is something that we did not have with our old CMS platform. With Webtreepro, we can publish content across one, hundreds, or thousands of sites instantly. We can even blend global and local content and schedule for future promotions."

At a Glance

Established in 1888 United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Mexico Customer since February 1994
  • This company has the largest network of travel agencies in North America with nearly 7,000 locations producing annual sales of $17 billion.
  • They needed to upgrade their outdated CMS platform, which required multiple software downloads and was cumbersome to use - so much so that franchisees were opting to not participate in promotions.
  • Ease of use was of paramount importance in the new CMS, as well as a ‘parent-child” structure that would allow HQ to push content to agency sites while still maintaining control.


The Primero Solution

The travel franchise’s new system features a combination of Primero’s flagship CMS platform, Webtreepro, and custom services. With Primero, this franchise is able to maintain brand standards while still allowing franchisees the freedom to personalize their online presence.


  • Dynamically serves up promotions, website content and agent profiles to a network of 170+ local franchisee agency websites
  • Scales to every range of franchisee agency: regardless of the size of the agency’s marketing staff, each agency website is professional and content-rich
  • Supports branded and co-branded sites
  • Single source publishing preserves search ranking
  • Enterprise-grade hosting and security
  • Portal/landing pages support marketing campaigns
  • Set up levels of content editors and workflow permissions
  • SaaS architecture provides full CMS via the cloud, no need to invest in hardware
Travel franchise



This customer is the largest travel agency franchisor in North America, with over 7,000 system-wide full-service and client-dedicated franchised locations that produce annual sales of approximately $17 billion. This franchise has been named the top travel business franchisor in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 for the past 19 years.

From promotions to featured travel agents to enticing landing pages to highlighting hot vacation destinations, this travel franchise believes in the power of content, using it to connect customers with travel agents. The travel business is fiercely competitive, and fresh content can go a long way towards making travel franchisees stand out from the crowd. When the time came to replace its old, obsolete CMS platform, this major travel franchise began the search for a suitable successor.

Out with the Old, In with the New

More than just replacing the CMS system, this major travel franchise was looking to upgrade the entire web experience for its franchisees and end customers. Many franchisees weren’t participating in company-wide marketing initiatives due to the cumbersome, difficult nature of the current platform - and the franchise sought to change that.

The franchise was looking to keep franchisees engaged and able to continually update their web presence - with fresh content and additional capabilities. The ability to manage content from a headquarters perspective and push it down to the franchisee sites for them to localize and customize would play an important role in achieving this goal.

Additionally, the franchise required seamless integration with the corporate CRM, marketing and back-end systems with its CMS, as lead generation is paramount to a travel agent’s success.

In our customer’s eyes

“Primero’s ability to take our requirements - which were sometimes very demanding - and modify Webtreepro to meet all of our needs was a critical factor in our selecting them.”

The Primero Solution

With Webtreepro, the franchise has a platform that fits both of the types of franchisee agencies under its umbrella: Those agencies that want an out-of-box website and those agencies that want to customize their website to fit their individual marketing focus.

With 65-70% of the franchise’s agencies wanting nothing to do with their websites, the Primero Solution allows these sites to be kept up-to-date by headquarters - promotions, showcases and agent profiles can be kept fresh with no effort from the individual agency. On the other hand, the franchisee agencies that want to manage content daily can do so - adding local promotions, landing pages and highlighting areas of specialty, etc. - all while maintaining brand standards and seamless customer experience across all sites. Agency branded/co-branded websites are automatically generated at program enrollment enabling agencies with an online presence on day one.

Travel franchise

Many Options, A Singular Mission

To remain the undisputed leader in travel.

To help with managing promotions, Primero Systems has customized the solution for the major travel franchise: Everything that the franchise does in regards to its web presence consists of dynamic content served up from databases. Thanks to customized features built into Webtreepro specifically for them, the travel franchise can dynamically serve up content to pages. Corporate can dynamically change the content and have that content dynamically served up to the 200+ franchisee agency websites.

Major Travel Franchise Increased Franchisee Participation in Marketing Programs by 25% and Experienced a 100% Increase in Lead Conversions with Webtreepro.

“Thanks to Primero Systems, we have a platform that allows us to keep everyone happy - travel agents focused on leisure or business, small to large; agents that want local branding to those who have adopted our franchise’s branding - they all win with Primero. Our web marketing program fits all ranges of agencies.”

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