As an Intranet

A central & easy to maintain hub built to fit the needs of your employees, agents, & partners

Fresh Content

Quickly add, replace, and schedule content for expiration so that your users always have the most up to date information. Whether your company has 20 employees or 2,000, our product was designed with the intent of saving you time maintaining your intranet, making it easy for you to ensure your employees and partners are always provided with the most current information.

Fresh content
Relevant information

Relevant Information

Display content relevant to users based on their role in the company. We’ve made the assumption that someone on your marketing team would likely have different needs from your intranet than, say, a new employee in HR. While both individuals in this example care about quickly finding the information relevant to them, that content they each find relevant is quite different from what the other finds helpful. Our intent with Webtreepro, and core design, is to enable employees across vastly different job functions to find information relevant to their position in the quickest way possible.

Easy Navigation

With an easy to use interface, maintaining your intranet has never been simpler. The more your company grows, the more information you’ll find yourself relying on your intranet to distribute among your employees. Despite how much content you’re storing in your intranet, we believe managing and navigating through it all should not be a daunting task. Intuitive navigation through our product will ensure you’re never buried managing your intranet.

Easy navigation
Integration friedly

Integration Friendly

Our platform readily allows for integrations with your key business applications. Whether you’d like to integrate your marketing automation system, accounting software, or your CRM, we make that easy to do with the way our platform is designed.

User Management

Robust roles and permissions allow you to designate the appropriate access for each user, from content writers, to partners, to the sales team. Our product maintains cleanliness in what could potentially be very messy when looking at managing numerous users with numerous different permissions, we guarantee you won’t be scratching your head trying to make sense of managing your users.

User management

Sport Clips, Inc.

  • Digital asset management enables up-to-date information to be quickly found by both franchisee and corporate users.
  • Role-based user experience presents users with customized information based on their role within the company.
  • Content for franchisees is organized in an easy-to-maintain fashion, allowing quick management of thousands of documents.
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