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We believe in the value of experience and in the commitment of doing it right.

A decade before launching Primero Systems, company founders and the senior developers and systems analysts that began with them, designed and deployed numerous inventory management and distribution systems to some of the world’s largest corporations including Boeing Commercial Aircraft Group, Apple, Chrysler, Israeli Navy, Unisys and the U.S. Air Force.

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This was a tremendous opportunity to work with companies that were number one in their markets. Industry leaders that led the way in numerous firsts within their respective verticals.

In 1994, when Primero Systems began, these same individuals wanted to carry the idea of being first in consultancy and software development into the new company. Primero focused on working with first-class companies and developing first-rate, premium solutions to allow their clients the opportunity to be first in their respective markets.

The concept of being first on so many levels never left the team. Delivering premium, first-rate quality software solutions became the core DNA of Primero Systems. Which, by the way, is why we adopted the name “Primero”; it means first in Spanish.

With a decade of experience, Primero Systems began by continuing to deliver automated manufacturing solutions to industry leading companies such as Honeywell, TYCO, US Airways, General Atomics and L-3 Technologies.

For over two-decades now, Primero Systems has been committed to delivering high-quality, commercial-grade software for its customers through its comprehensive development process, PEDL™ (Primero’s Engineering and Development Landscape) and proprietary foundational approach to developing software called Primero’s Solution Accelerator (PSX™).

Employees average 10+ years of seniority in the industry and when their experience is combined, they bring over 600 years of experience to building solutions to solve clients' challenges and to generate opportunities.

At Primero, employees are encouraged to foster innovation and creativity. We create an environment where employees understand how their work fits into the bigger picture, and how the contributions they make to our clients’ businesses, their fellow employees and our company are appreciated and truly valued.

This allows us, as a team, to deliver software innovations by turning customer needs into operational and competitive customer value.

Our goal is to consistently exceed customer expectations in the delivery of cost-effective, efficient and innovative enterprise software and to enable our customers to stay competitive and grow their business.


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Prosoft became a company

First Prosoft customer

Prosoft legally became Primero Systems

Webtreepro is born

Webtreepro gains its first customer

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Webtreepro hits 25,000 users

Named one of CIO Review’s Top 20 Enterprise Content Management Software Providers

Webtreepro expands to integrate with Salesforce

Awarded Corporate America’s Software & Technology Award for Best Content Management Product

Webtreepro fully migrates to the cloud

Webtreepro's user interface gets a major upgrade

Featured Projects



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  • Digital asset management enables up-to-date information to be quickly found by both franchisee and corporate users.
  • Role-based user experience presents users with customized information based on their role within the company.
  • Content for franchisees is organized in an easy-to-maintain fashion, allowing quick management of thousands of documents.
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Large Travel Franchise

  • Support for branded and co-branded sites.
  • Dynamically serving up localized promotions, website content and agent profiles to a network of 170+ local franchisee agency websites.
  • Single source publishing to preserve search ranking.
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Sport Clips Canada

  • New store websites with default content can be created in minutes and custom features can be set up from a single location using dynamic content.
  • New store locator automatically includes location-related features (such as map and directions) whenever new store websites are created.
  • Budget-friendly and half the cost of their previous CMS solution.
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