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Sharing Content

Make a professional web-presence easy for your franchisees! Create content once at the corporate level then pick and choose which franchise sites to share it to. Whether you need to share it to only one, or all of your franchise sites and anywhere in between, we make that super easy for you to manage.

Sharing Content
Optional vs Required Content

Optional vs Required Content

Managing the content on your franchise sites should be straightforward and quick. We understand that certain things about your franchise should be displayed on all of your websites and we make it very intuitive for you to designate whether content should be required or optional for each site.

Editable vs Non-editable Content

Lock down certain parts of your franchise websites by choosing what content is editable at the local level by your franchisees. You can give them as much or as little freedom as you deem appropriate, from whole pages, to specific articles or images.

Editable vs Non-editable Content
Brand control

Brand Control

As a franchise, controlling the presence of your brand across hundreds (sometimes thousands) of websites can seem daunting. We respect that brand control is incredibly important to a franchise, and we make it nearly effortless to seamlessly secure your brand's appearance, while still allowing local sites to add their own touch.

Roles & Permissions

All our solutions come with sophisticated roles & permissions to give you full control over your content and the people responsible for it. Delegate as much or as little access to your employees and franchisees as you need.

Roles & Permissions

Large Travel Franchise

  • Support for branded and co-branded sites.
  • Dynamically serving up localized promotions, website content and agent profiles to a network of 170+ local franchisee agency websites.
  • Single source publishing to preserve search ranking.
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