Brand Consistency 

You’ve invested a lot of time and money in building your brand. Yet a broken promise to your customer, the wrong message that doesn’t reinforce your brand or any number of situations can derail what you’ve spent so much time building.

You need to protect your brand at all costs. You know this.

Now add in multiple locations or franchise sites with numerous people with their hands in the proverbial content pie and your brand consistency can go out the door quickly.

Managing the brand and controlling the content across multiple sites is the challenge. But, one we took into consideration when developing our CMS, Webtreepro.

Whether you need to control styles, colors, fonts, images and more, Webtreepro allows you the flexibility to do so. And, you can give your locations as much latitude as you desire, or even none at all.

Gone will be the days when a visit from site to site leaves the customer wondering if those sites were even related at all.

So, whether your managing one or one thousand sites around the globe, consistency and management of your brand is only a click away.

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