A/B Testing

You’re running a marketing campaign and need to determine which of two strategies – subject lines, promotional offers, video or any other options - is more effective at getting your desired results.

With Webtreepro, you have access to our powerful editing tools to create webpages and custom forms. No need for third-party add-ons or separate software to run a A/B (or split) test.

Our A/B test feature can help you create one or more variations (whether different color, text, image, form fields, layouts) and then simply set them up to serve the different versions at random.

Being able to quantify results is key to optimizing the conversion rate of campaigns, and is a must-have in today’s world of digital marketing

Our Split Test Reporting tool can help you determine in real-time which version is more effective, giving you the opportunity to adjust your campaign on the fly.

Webtreepro is so much more than just a website builder; it’s a powerful set of tools to help you be more efficient and effective in driving bottom line revenue.

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