Reporting and Metrics

Your new website is ready to launch and it’s stunning. All the bells and whistles. And, most importantly, it will reinforce your brand and its position in the marketplace.

Ah, but you’re not done yet. Are your analytics set up, so you can track and measure the effectiveness of your sites and campaigns?

Of course, depending on your business - franchise, association or other multi-location business, what you measure, and track may be different from others. Therefore, you need to have a game plan. What analytics are going to be most relevant to you?

For example, who visited your site? How did they get there? Where did they initially land? What pages did they visit? How long did they stay on the site or individual pages? Where did they bounce?

Or more specifically, how are individual franchises or distributors performing across your network? Which pages resonate in your various marketing regions? What’s converting? If you’re selling, how are sales? Cart abandonment, etc. These are just a few of the questions you need to ask across your sites. And, Webtreepro is here to help you answer them.

With Webtreepro advanced analytics, combined with Google Analytics, you have the insights and power to measure and fine-tune your digital strategy across your network of sites in real time. Don’t settle for any CMS, get the best with Webtreepro.

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