Centralized Content Management

Multi-location businesses are complex and have different needs for their individual websites. What interests your customers on the west coast may be the complete opposite from what interests your customers on the east coast, or in the south, or even in another country.

Do you need to publish different content to different groups of websites and would like it to be simple, yet extremely efficient? Then we got you covered with Webtreepro.

Our centralized content management comes standard out-of-the-box. No additional fees or add-ons. With just a few clicks, you can publish an entire page to one group or select multiple groups. It’s easy and you’re in control.

You can even publish customized or personalized content to your groups, all appearing on the same page.

Webtreepro even gives you the option and flexibility to let your end users edit their own content, make changes mandatory or decide to hide page content entirely. Change it on one or all your sites, you decide.

Whether your owners are scattered throughout the country or around the globe, take control of your content with Webtreepro.

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